The Tragedy Of Pink Diamond

So, the new Steven Universe episodes came out.


Don’t read anymore if you haven’t seen it yet.

I mean it don’t.

I’m warning you.

Okay here we go.

So Rose Quartz was Pink Diamond. It feels weird to be sort of right. I say sort of because I was feeling that I was wrong when the last bunch of new episodes came out and we saw the new Pink Diamond and stuff. Joke is on me.

Now that we know Rose Quartz was Pink Diamond the question becomes where do we go from here. One the reasons, I thought I might have been wrong about Rose Quartz being be Pink Diamond was because I thought it would be too easy for the show to make up with the other diamonds if they found that.

However, after watch the episodes and looking around I realized no this is the hard path.

For one thing there is no guarantee that Yellow or Blue will ever believe the Crystal Gems or Steven. I’m sure there is a way for Steven to prove it somehow, but here is the thing.

Rose Quartz/Pink Diamond is gone.

The Diamonds are never going to be together again because Rose Quartz gave birth to Steven.

Their refusal to listen to their sister caused them to lose thousands of years of togetherness and they can’t fix it because she is gone.

There are questions the Crystal Gems have to ask themselves about whether or not they were truly being themselves or were they just listening to another Diamond.

And what about the corrupt gems? They were corrupted and hurt for nothing in the end. Even if they are healed now how are they going to feel at the end of the day about all that has happened.

The most tragic thing of all is probably Rose Quartz herself. I truly believe that she wanted Earth to be free and for the gems to be themselves. I recall the back story when Garnet first met Rose. She asked Rose, “I don’t upset you?”

“Who cares about how I feel. How you feel is bound to be much more interesting.”

Rose didn’t really want people to care about how she felt. She wanted gems to be themselves. She wanted the earth to be free. She wanted to be free.

Yet, was she ever? The Crystal Gems needed a leader and by all accounts she tried to be the best one she could be. She kept so many secrets that she probably didn’t share all to Pearl. After all, Pearl didn’t know about Lion. That would made anyone lonely. She never made up with her Diamond Sisters, and she never knew how much they loved her.

Rose made some bad decisions and probably didn’t know exactly what she was doing.

But it is like Garnet said, “She didn’t always do what was best for her. But she always did what was best for Earth.”

I can’t wait to see what happens next.



Okay, so I’m updating to let you guys know what is going on. I have good news and bad news follow by possible good news. The good news is That Lotus Caretaker is speeding along editing, and I will probably have it out this year unless something bad happens. So cross your fingers. I will let you know when it will be ready for publishing.

Here is the bad news. I’m going to slow down writing the Codex universe. I’m not giving up on writing the books, it’s just I’m not making any money of of them. That wouldn’t necessary be a bad thing expect due to a lot of things going on in my life this is the only way I make any money, which I’m not because barely anyone buys them.  So I’m switching to try something new. If you want me to write more Codex books, then you can help by spreading the word, writing reviews, and buying the books to give to people. Reviews on goodreads and Amazon help me out a lot. Now don’t panic if you really like the book universe. I’m going to keep writing it. It just going to be a little slower is all. The Silver Codex IV will come out probably in 2018. I might also write more Lotus Caretaker books because it’s a novella series so they are somewhat quicker to write, and The Blue Codex II will happen. I’m just slowing down.

I have decided to try my hands at a children book. Partly to shake things up creatively and partly because tons of people want me to write a children’s book. I’m not sure why, but I’m going to try it. I’m still in the very early stages of that, but with any luck I will have that ready for 2018.  That is all I’m going to tell for you know. Hopefully you will enjoy this book series as much as the Codex series.

Top Twenty Favorite Male Characters

Sorry, this is out so late. I have been busy with a book project. My Muse is very moody about stories, and when she wants me to do a idea she won’t stop annoying until I do it. Anyway, here is the list of my twenty favorite male characters.

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Who Shatter Pink Diamond?

Okay, so my theories about Pink Diamond and Rose Quartz being the same probably wrong after the last Steven Bomb, and I have been thinking about things. Obviously the big question now is who shatter Pink Diamond, and a second question I don’t see many people talk about. The question being if Rose Quartz didn’t shatter Pink Diamond why didn’t she tell that to the Crystal Gems?

Think about it. Why would Rose Quartz not tell anyone anyone she didn’t shatter Pink Diamond? There is no doubt in my mind that the Crystal Gems would believe her. Their trust in Rose solid. So, why didn’t she tell any of them?

Not to mention what happened to Pink Diamond’s court? More importantly where is her Pearl? I don’t Pearl from the Crystal Gems is her because she is white and all the diamonds’ pearls do match them. So Pink Diamond’s pearl should be pink. Yet, no one seem to have realize she was missing until Steven’s lawyer brought it up.

I think from a story and character view that Rose Quartz was involved in Pink Diamond shatter somehow, but how involved she was we don’t know. Maybe she and Pink Diamond were going to have some peace talks and someone shattered her to keep the war going on. Possibly someone used Rose to have her shattered Pink Diamond, and she found out. It would explain why she was against Bismuth shattering other gems. Death wouldn’t serve their purpose, she saw how Pink Diamond’s death made everything worse, and she wouldn’t wish for the gems to experience the same guilt she was feeling

That leads to the question who shattered Pink Diamond or help Rose Quartz do it? Let’s look at the top 3 suspects.

  1. Yellow Diamond- A lot of people think she might be the culprit because of the way she was acting at the trial. Personally, I think she is too obvious a suspect. I think her reaction comes from her denial of grief, and the burden of knowing something is off about the whole incident. Think about it. Peridot said her Diamond, Yellow Diamond, was smart. She might have drawn same conclusion in the trial, but not wanting to think of her sisters capable of doing this, she rather blame Rose Quartz because she thinks it would make easier to deal. It would also explain why she wants the cluster to destroy the earth and shatter all the Rose Quartz so badly. If they are all gone she won’t have to think about the truth.
  2.  Pearl- Pearl being the culprit would explain why Rose Quartz didn’t tell anyone why she didn’t shatter Pink Diamond. She was trying to to protect Pearl. Heck, Rose might blame herself since it’s possible Pearl shatter Pink Diamond to protect her. Blue Diamond said a sword did it, and Pearl is a sword fighter. The only problem with this theory is Steven. I can’t imagine Pearl allowing Steven’s imagine of his mother ruined because of actions she did. Not to mention that Pearl didn’t know all of Rose’s secrets. This could be one that she doesn’t know.
  3. White Diamond-  This is the possible suspect, but only because we don’t have a clue about White Diamond. As someone who watches a lot of mystery shows, I don’t like have a suspect because of a lack of information. Still, it’s important to note that she wasn’t at the trial. Did she not care about Pink Diamond? Was she afraid of the truth being known? I hope we get to see White Diamond soon so we get some information about her.

What do you think? Did Rose Quartz shattered Pink Diamond with the help of someone else? Did someone do it alone? Was it a set up? Let me know what you think in the comments below.

Updates- Memorial Weekend Freedom Kindle

Hey guys, I thought I give you an update. The Lotus Caretaker II is still it’s editing process, but I confidante unless something major happens it will be published this year. I’m working on the Silver Codex IV right now along with another story idea, which I will hopefully tell you more about in the future.

I will get my Top 20 favorite male characters up soon. I have been working on my book writing so much that I haven’t gotten it done yet. It will come out by June I promise.

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Top Twenty Favorite Female Characters

Okay so this is not really an accurate list since I did a lot of cheating with this and even created another list just so I could add more characters. I can’t help it there are too many characters that I love. Now I did prevent myself from not putting characters I have created on this list because then the whole list would have been about them, and every entry is just one franchise though there might be two from it. I also separated each list by gender so I could cheat to get more characters. So let’s start with my favorite female characters. Continue reading “Top Twenty Favorite Female Characters”

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Steven Universe Pink Diamond Gemstone Theory Part II

You should probably click on this link if you haven’t read part one yet. We are all catch up now? Good.

So the latest Steven Universe bomb happened and I have decided we need to talk about possibility of Rose Quartz being Pink Diamond again. To be honest, I’m torn. On the one hand there is growing amount of evidence that Rose Quartz isn’t Pink Diamond, and from a story perspective if she isn’t, that leads to some interesting ideas.

I think it’s safe to say that the end game of Steven Universe is for home world to change thanks to Steven and there be peace between them and the Crystal Gems. If Rose Quartz did indeed shatter Pink Diamond that would make it more difficult and more interesting to see how Steven can bring this about.  There is even some suggestions why Rose Quartz maybe a little more special then other Rose Quartzs, if you look at Peridot. Thanks to the freedom of earth, Peridot discovers she can control metal. It’s possible some of the powers that I thought were associated with a Diamond just came about because Rose Quartz was free to discover herself.

But I’m not ready to give up on Rose Quartz being Pink Diamond just yet. For one thing, I would like to be right about a cartoon theory, but also there is strange evidence that she might be a Diamond even after we learn she supposedly shatter one.

In the episode Three Gems and A Baby, we learn about the first time Steven’s gem glows and the Crystal Gems reactive to it. What is interesting here is the framing, and how the creators chose to show it.


I can’t believe this is a coincidence since we had seen them subtlety hinting there was a Pink Diamond with all the background details about her before anyone even out right said anything about her. This could easily be foreshadow what Steven’s gemstone really is or more important what it’s going to be.

Hold that thought.

There is also the fact that Steven has a strange empathy power he shares with Blue Diamond. It’s possible that the Diamonds share this power with each other to know if one is upset of endanger, and could even explain how Yellow Diamond knew that Blue Diamond was at the station. Steven probably can’t feel Yellow Diamond’s feelings because being a very emotional person he can relate better to Blue Diamond’s grief. Not to mention that his powers are still developing, and Yellow Diamond seem determine not to feel her own grief.

There is also the issue of Bismuth. She wanted to create a weapon that could shatter the Diamonds and free all of Home World. Rose Quartz was very firm against the idea. I think it might be possible she didn’t want to shatter her own sisters. She just wanted to save the earth.

Another thing that is brought up is Rose Quartz keeping secrets. It clear that Rose Quartz did have a few plans for Steven. The obvious from Lion and all the things he takes Steven too. Is possible that Steven could be part of a long term plan of Rose Quartz?

There is also the biggest question of all: How did Rose Quartz shatter Pink Diamond? Bismuth tells us that her sword couldn’t cut through a gemstone, only the body. In fact, did Rose Quartz even have her sword when she shatter Pink Diamond? The weapon she can form is a shield. Maybe she threw her shield to shatter Pink Diamond, but that seems highly unlikely.

However, the biggest thing is Rose Quartz’s studies of change. She seems somewhat envies of the change that humans can go through to be better, and how the earth is always changing itself. That could mean she wasn’t happy at her station with Pink Diamond, but it’s hard to tell since we don’t exactly Rose Quartz purpose was on Home World. Maybe she wasn’t happy being Pink Diamond?

So here is a new idea what if Rose Quartz was Pink Diamond, but she became corrupted somehow. Her healing powers saved her from being totally corrupted, but in the process she changes into a Rose Quartz. Someone comes upon and think she has shatter herself, and she is sent on the run.

I can buy Pink Diamond turning Rose Quartz and no one realizing it. No one on Home World can seem to tell gems apart. Despite Blue Diamond ordering Ruby to be shatter for fusing with Sapphire she doesn’t recognize either of them when they are on a rescue mission to get Greg back. Yellow Diamond actually had to ask Peridot which one she was before realize she was on earth.

Maybe Rose Quartz can’t change back into Pink Diamond, but she is know free just how some gems are miserable being in Home World’s caste system, and the destruction power they are doing to the earth. She decides Home World must leave, but since her sisters won’t listen to her thinking she is just a plain Rose Quartz, she decides to force the issue with a war.

This could also explain why she never told the Crystal Gems. They might have very well accepted her story, but it was important for their own development not be influenced by a Diamond. How would the Crystal Gems feel knowing they had been following a Diamond all this time. They might question if they were really trying to be free to be themselves or were they just follow another Diamond’s wishes. Given devotion the Home World gems give to their diamonds this would be something that needed to come up.

Rose Quartz clearly needed to lead in the war and finding corrupted gems, but it’s clear that she didn’t want to lead like a Diamond. Maybe she starts being happier being a Rose Quartz. It’s possible that she knew Home world would come back someday, and I think she wanted to find a way to show them that gems can change, and that was okay.

Enter Steven. I think if my theory is right and Rose Quartz was Pink Diamond, but something happened to change her then it’s possible that Steven being half human could can back into a Diamond because humans naturally change. That could be one of the ways to unite the two worlds, and the Diamonds to realize she was right. That is not going to be easy for Yellow or Blue since they are still in state of grief, though they are dealing with it different ways. If they learn they had been fighting their sister all this time, it might devastated them. Who knows how White Diamond might react.

I think it’s safe to say there is more to the story of Rose Quartz and Pink Diamond even if they’re not the same person. I don’t think it’s a simple as the Home World version or even the Crystal Gem version. We might get some answers about it in two weeks in the episode Storm in the Room. Though I doubt all the questions fan have will be answered in that one episode. What do you think? Do you think Rose Quartz being Pink Diamond theory is dead? Or do you think there is some other explanation about how Rose Quartz and Pink Diamond are the same. Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

The Final Wrap of 2016

2016 has sucked both on a global and personal level, which is why we should acknowledge all the positive things that have happened to me this year.

  1. I won a book award for The Silver Codex and The Lotus Caretaker
  2. Went to Lexington Comic Con
  3. My godson was born
  4. I finally got to go Chicago
  5. My presence in Chicago had a lasting effect on the city causing the Chicago Cubs to win their first world series in 108 years
  6. I published two new books, The Blue Codex and The Silver Codex III: Woods Edition
  7.  I read a ton of new books
  8. The Olympics were amazing full of great stories
  9. One of my books was put on someone’s top ten list. Check it out on this link to see it: link
  10. Spokette was nice enough to review The Silver Codex. Check it out on this link here: link
  11. I even got another author interview with her. Check it out here: Link
  12. I got two copies of the rejected princess book, and it amazing, and you all should go buy it after reading this post!
  13. I got my first piece of color fanart ever!
  14. The 50th anniversary of Batman 1966!
  15. I reconnected to Pokemon thanks to Pokemon Go. You can read the details here: Link
  16. There is a huge list of goods in this link: link

So yeah, all those were good things. Still this year has sucked over all, and I’m hoping that 2017 will somehow purify all this crap so we can have one of the best years ever! That is my hope. Here are some things that you can be looking forward to on this blog!

  • The Lotus Caretaker II- This will be the next book I publish, it’s just taking a long time to write it. Much longer then I original planned, but it will be written and it will be published sometime in 2017.
  • The Silver Codex IV- This is going to be the next book after The Lotus Caretaker II to come out. Slight Spoilish warning, something is going to happened that changes the entire universe. (Yes, all my books take place in the same universe.) So it only makes the most sense for this book to be next after The Lotus Caretaker II. If things go better for me in 2017, I might try to run a contest to have you all guess what edition this one will be, but that is a huge maybe.
  • The Blue Codex II: This is another huge maybe since I don’t know if I will be able to publish three books in one year, but I will definitely will get started on writing it in 2017. At the very least, don’t expect this book until November or December if it happens at all.
  • More vlogs- I will try to go to more interesting places and do more fun stuff so my vlogs aren’t boring. I will be getting a puppy in January so you will see her in my vlogs.
  • Blog posts- This one I’m going to need you help with. What kind of posts do you want to see more of on this blog. My thoughts about pop culture in general? More lists? Posts like the Eventide Speaker PSA? Let me know in the comments below, and I will do more of those kinds of posts. Hopefully, 2017 will give me more time to blog and vlog.

That is the general plan for 2017. I’m determine this blog and my books are going to positive and a welcoming place for everybody because if this year has taught me anything is that there not enough of that in the real world. Let’s pray it will be a better year in 2017.  What good things happened to you in 2016? What are your hopes for 2017? Leave your answers down in the comments below.